Date night with a calculator

1 September 2013
Family Budgeting

The New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services is encouraging Kiwis to make a regular date night with their calculator, bank statements, budget and cashflow.

This week (1-7 September) is Money Week, an opportunity for New Zealanders to reflect on their relationship with their household finances.

Federation CEO Raewyn Fox says you need to make a regular time to talk with your partner – or yourself – about how things are going. “If you start with a balanced budget and cashflow forecast, you’ll be able to project a year’s spending, and regularly compare progress against the plan,” Fox said. “For example, you might be saving up for something, or paying off a debt. The key is to monitor things carefully so nothing slips away or piles up.”

“Having a date night with your finances means that you – and your partner if you have one – are well aware of how things stand. It may be just my opinion but there are few things more romantic than relaxing with a loved one, a bottle of wine, and a balanced cheque book.”

Budgeting advice is offered free through the New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services, with over 160 locations throughout the country. You can find your nearest budgeting service by visiting or calling 0508 BUDGETLINE (283 438).

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Catherine Ross
5 September 2013 4:04 am

Just checking on our website whilst researching the support our on line services give to the community wide and to see this article really does encourage budgeting as a priority for regular communication between the leaders of a family / whanau unit…not only will this service hubby and wifey and their planning it could eventually include the children in part of the meeting with the children if they are receiving a benefit, student loan, pocket money, or other work projects they may be dreaming of…much like me and my own immediate family unit…
Awesome positive media work…


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