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Going to get budgeting advice? Here‘s what you’ll need

All of our budgeting services follow the same budgeting process – but some work slightly differently to others.

This list is the minimum things you’ll need for your budgeting appointment. There may be more, and your local budgeting service will tell you exactly.

  • A breakdown of your benefit (if you receive one). This can be obtained through the Work and Income phone number.
  • Your recent bank statements (if you receive them in hard copy).
  • Any contracts, HPs, etc that you have. If you owe a company money, then you will probably have a contract somewhere.
  • Any other details that relate to your financial affiairs.

Sometimes this is a large box of documents. That’s okay, a budget adviser is used to sorting information.

“I went in with a huge pile of stuff, but they knew what they were looking for.”

– Josephene, budgeting client