The latest news on changes in the NZFFBS

What is happening with the New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services?

During the early months of 2016, NZFFBS National Board was considering a change of structure and legal entity for the organisation. This was in an effort to be more responsive to member’s needs and the changing environment in our sector.

At the same time the NZFFBS was following the changes in the Building Financial Capability sector. By September it became clear that there was both MSD and sector wide support for the concept of a new and different national entity to provide services to the entire sector. Therefore, the NZFFBS Board recommended to the membership that it wind up the NZFFBS legal entity and fully engage with the development of this new entity.

At the AGM in November the membership voted to wind up NZFFBS as at 30 June 2017 and agreed to consider a further remit prior to June 2017 to decide on the distribution of the assets of NZFFBS. It is envisioned that the assets will be gifted to the new national entity however; this decision cannot be made until the new national entity is formed to the stage where its purpose is clear so NZFFBS membership can make an informed decision on the distribution of assets.

What role will Client Voices play in the future?

Long term decisions about data management have not yet been made.  Client Voices is currently used by around 70 per cent of MSD funded BFC providers and we will ensure that these providers have continued access to this system until further decisions are made.