Ā mātou mahi

Ngā kaiwhiriwhiri i Aotearoa
Ngā kiritaki kua haramai i tērā tau
Miriona tāra kua ea
Kiritaki kua pai ki te tautoko

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Ko wai mātou

We are a network of budgeting services around New Zealand.
We have been around since 1973!

Ā mātou mahi

A budgeting service can help you with your personal budgeting. This means we can help you put together a plan to: get out of debt, start saving, and move forward with your finances.

Budgeting services don’t help with business debt, but do work with individuals, couples and families.

As part of the national network, each budgeting service shares a common code of ethics, philosophy, and commitment to delivering top quality, free budgeting advice to family/whanau and individuals.

Tō mātou hītori

The New Zealand budgeting sector is unique. It owes its origins to the close relationship that developed in the late 1950s between Gray Vuglar, the then District Agent for the Department of Social Security and Dr Manahi Nitama Paewai, a local general practitioner in Kaikohe.

The number of budgeting services grew with support from the Department of Maori Affairs in the 1960s and then the Department of Social Welfare.

In the 1970s the Department of Social Welfare devolved responsibility for this work to the community sector, and our Federation was incorporated on 21 December 1973.

Our work was formalised in the 1980s and 1990s, with our Federation taking on responsibility for training budget advisers and supporting budgeting services.

We opened our first National Office in 1991 in Auckland and relocated this to Wellington in 1999.

We expect high standards of our member budgeting services, and this attracts high quality organisations into budgeting. Not all organisations can reach these standards – look for the NZFFBS logo as a guarantee of quality standards.

Read more of our history here, or in ‘The Family Budgeters’ or ‘A Small Quango’, two books by life member Dave Mullan.

Ō mātou tangata

Budgeting services are staffed by a mix of paid and volunteer budget advisers. All advisers complete our extensive training courses and are held to the same quality standards.

Our budget advisers are our most important resource, and that’s why they’re at the top of our structure.

From within our budgeting services we elect 23 District Representatives, 7 Regional Representatives and 7 Tangata Whenua Representatives to bring our voices to the national level – to discuss policies, trends and strategic direction.

Our National Office is staffed by 12 employees who manage our training courses, tools of trade, and relationship building which is so essential to our core work.

whaitūranga kaiwhiriwhiri

Budget advisers are everyday people with a desire to help others. It’s thanks to them that we have so many budgeting services available in the community, helping around 50,000 client families per year.

Budget advisers undergo significant training developed and improved over the past 40 years. It is NZQA recognised as part of the NZ Certificate in Financial Services. There is also an ongoing professional development component of our training, so advisers have the up-to-date knowledge they need.

How to become a budget adviser?

Each individual budgeting service decides whether or not to take on new staff. Your first step is to contact the service nearest you (use our map) and talk to the manager or coordinator. They will want to meet you and get to know you.

See all the jobs being advertised.

Pepa whai tikanga

Our vision

“All people in Aotearoa New Zealand can manage their finances competently.”

Our founding documents

Our Federation is focused on supporting quality budgeting services. This means that we have clear rules about the standards we expect of our budgeting services and budget advisers.

Those rules are outlined in these founding documents:

Our mission statement

“The New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services Inc. is dedicated to the development and education of budgeting skills through community programmes and free advice from supportive, confidential and culturally aware services.”

Hono ki tō mātou rōpū penapena pūtea

Organisations that wish to offer budgeting advice can apply to become affiliated to our Federation. There are a bunch of benefits to membership; more than just accessing our NZQA-recognised training and proven tools of trade. Have a look at our Benefits of Membership:

If you think affiliation is right for your organisation, you will need to accept our minimum standards of service delivery. Please read the “Founding documents” section above. After you apply, we will guide you through this process.

Ready to join? Apply using this form

Whakapā mai

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Tuku nawe

Even in the best organisations, this go wrong from time to time. We have a robust complaints process based on the principles of natural justice. Complete the form below to make a complaint.


Tautoko mā te ipurangi

Tirohia ngā tuhipānui kei raro – ngā akoranga i ngā tau e whā tekau kua hipa.

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